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Design Trends - 24-May-2018

5 Easy ways to bring Spring into your home

It's time to change our homes for the better this Spring

It's that time of year for change and a fresh new start. We can start by decorating our home to reflect the change of season this spring. To do this you can follow these 5 tips on how to bring Spring into your home this year:

Gorgeous Greenery

Spring is well known for flowers blooming at this time of year. To make your natural and spring themed home, adding bright, green coloured flowers and coloured pots to your home will bring in the feeling of Spring. You can easily pick some flowers from your garden or you can simply go to the nearest store and buy some bouquets. The flowers and plants can be split and placed into each and every room breathing a sense of fresh new life into your home. You can start with this planter from IQ Furniture to brighten up your patio or doorstep. Available in different sizes, colours and heights for a truly unique piece fit for any home.

Quandra Outdoor Planter available from IQ Furniture


It's the little things that count with spring-themed decor to add colour and brighten your home up with Spring. Adding a pop of colour to your wall is a fun and effective way to incorporate spring into your room. White is a fantastic choice of colour to keep the room looking fresh and neat. Think of a bright red door or window and your livening up the room instantly.

Spring Colour for your living room Decor

A fresh, spring colour is really what you need. People opt for green because of the soothing and relaxing atmosphere it delivers to the room. Swap out your winter coloured furniture and accessories with spring colours to refresh your room. This stunning spacious modular furniture from IQ Furniture offers a comfortable living environment and can be arranged in a number of designs and shapes. This beautiful furniture has green fabric with edging details that give us the true vibe of spring.

Arianne Love Modular Sofa from IQ Furniture

Refresh your home

To reflect the vitality of the Spring season, pick a light and fresh scent that will add energy to the atmosphere of the room creating an inviting place for guests. Diffusers or scented candles featuring invocating aromas such as orange, Hedione, Lilial, grapefruit or citrus are ideal if you are looking for a scent that gives that 'dewy fresh flowers' impressions of the room.

Decorate your interior with art

Last but not least, pieces of artwork on the wall. Something that is often overlooked. It's important to change the winter interiors with colourful fresh decorating ideas to brighten up your home with this new season. Picture frames or canvases featuring bright colours and flowers to celebrate the arrival of spring would be the perfect finishing touches to your home. Like this beautiful piece of wall art by Harper and Deyong . A limited edition piece of wall art featuring gems, printed on a silk screen. For the perfect touch, the gorgeous piece is hand finished with beautiful diamond dust.

The Stones by Harper and Deyong available from IQ Furniture

If you want to smarten up your living space and turn your wintery home into a spring home, but you have no idea how to then don't worry! The experts from IQ Furniture are more than willing to help. Simply contact IQ Furniture for more information or to book a showroom visit. Call us on 01494 722 880 or email us at


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