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Interior Design - 07-August-2017

5 Reasons to Have your Home Cinema Specified


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Why You Should Have Your Home Cinema Specified

Home Cinemas are great for integration within your home design whether you are considering a garage renovation or designing a new build. These spaces are a great way to bring friends and family together to watch films and to socialise, bringing the cinema experience into your home. With an array of systems available as well as furniture items, you can create your very own bespoke home cinema or entertainment room .

If you are considering designing a Home Cinema for your home, you should consider having it specified. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Budget

By having your home cinema specified, you are allowing one company to design and install your space from start to finish. This means they will tailor your Home Cinema to your exact requirements and needs , including your budget. If you were to design and install your home cinema on your own you may find that you are spending more and more money without even realising it until your budget is all gone.

2. Design

When having your home cinema specified you will be provided with drawings of how the space will look before any decisions on purchasing the chosen products. This can save you a lot of time and money as it ensures that you find the right products to suit your chosen space. IQ Furniture’s Home Cinema design service allows us to create 3D renders of your chosen space to show how each item of furniture will fit perfectly within the space.

Home Cinema Design Service by IQ Furniture

3. Expert Advice

When your home cinema is specified, you are able to receive expert advice from those helping you with your project e.g. the architect. You will receive expert advice on everything involved in the process from lighting and sound to furniture. Technical advisors at IQ Furniture are able to provide expert advice on all smart home controls as well as expert advice on the furniture chosen for your home cinema .

By discussing your project with an expert, you can find out about all available options, some of which you may not have known about or thought were not suitable for your project.

Expert Advice from IQ Furniture

4. Time Saving

By having your home cinema specified by a professional you can reduce any stress that may come with the design and installation process as they will be able to provide the best solutions and perfectly fit your chosen products into the space.

5. Installation

If your home cinema is specified, you are more likely to only have one team completing the installation than a range of teams from different companies. This will help to save time and ensure that each item, whether it be the sound system, lighting or furniture, works well together during the installation process.

Home Cinema Installation by IQ Furniture

Contact IQ Furniture by calling 01494 722880 or email to find out more about our Turnkey Home Cinema service and how we can help you with your project from start to finish. Book your personal showroom visit for your very own Home Cinema Experience.


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