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Furniture - 27-September-2016

Comfy & Cosy or Stylish & Modern? Part 1

When planning the interior for your home, deciding on the aesthetic and feel you want can be quite straightforward. However, once this decision is made you then have to think about the items that are most important to help create this living space.

When thinking of the aesthetic you are after, there are two main categories that will go through people’s minds, comfortable and cosy or stylish and modern. Some people like to create a living area that is more comfortable and cosy as this will be their most used room to relax in, whereas others prefer stylish and modern living.

Comfy & Cosy:

To achieve the ideal comfortable living area, it is best to use a fabric sofa rather than leather as in the summer you are likely to stick to the sofa which can cause discomfort. Fabric sofas are also a lot cosier due to the warmth they can provide, perfect for a night in watching the TV.

Madison is the perfect choice for being able to create a very comfortable, cosy living area. Madison is available as a corner sofa, meaning you can curl up in the corner with a blanket to relax after a long day. Goose feathers are used for the padding of this sofa forming a very warm, very soft sofa.

Extra Norman

Extra Norman

Alexandra sofas are ideal for this style of living as the end seat is extended, providing the perfect place for you to be able to relax and stretch out. If you live alone, have a small apartment or just prefer to have your own sofa then this style of sofa is available as a one seater. These one seater sofas are extended to allow you to lay down and relax whilst you are watching the TV or reading a book.

James B2

James B

Stylish & Modern:

If you would rather have a living space that is more stylish and modern in comparison to comfortable and cosy then IQ Furniture can provide you with the perfect range of sofas and chairs to achieve this.

Although the ‘Magnum’ sofa below sits more in the stylish and modern category, it is also very comfortable as part of the backrest can rise, creating the perfect headrest to allow you to lean back and relax. Although these sofas are made from leather which can cause discomfort in the summer, they are perfect for transforming your living space into a stylish and modern area. 


The ‘Glide’ armchair below is unique and would be perfect for creating a stylish and modern living area due to the minimalism and sleekness of the design. This armchair is available in many colours, allowing you to choose the perfect one for your colour scheme.


The ‘Moon’ armchair below is perfect as a feature piece of furniture in your home as it may not be comfortable enough to use on a daily basis but perfect for if you have a large group of friends or family round and need the added seating. Adding a stylish pillow to these chairs would make them much more comfortable but still be able to provide you with the aesthetic you wanted.


You can read the  Comfy & Cosy or Stylish & Modern Part 2 follow-up to this article here

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