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Reviews - 14-July-2017

Crestron Review

Pros and Cons: Why Choose Crestron?

If you are considering designing a home cinema or entertainment room  for your property and cannot decide between which home control and automation company to use then you may find our reviews helpful.

Crestron is a well-known company who provide the worlds most advanced control and automated technology, perfect for  home cinemas and entertainment rooms . Their solutions are used in leading hospitals, universities and prestigious homes across the globe. Each automation and control solution is used to provide ease by allowing you to control your entire environment with the push of a button.

Crestron’s systems include AV, lighting, shading and security. Each of these is built to create a complete system which allows you to have control of everything in your home from one platform.

Below are some pros and cons to think about when considering Crestron to install and provide your smart home automation.

Crestron Pros:

  • Crestron is well-known in the smart home industry and has a very good and strong reputation.
  • There is a broad range of equipment to choose from, allowing you to integrate the necessary products into your home.
  • A key positive of the systems from Crestron is that they can have a built in voice recognition software. This provides ease within the home as well as complete control over everything from lighting to security.

Crestron Cons:

  • The products can be very expensive, however, you are paying for luxury items which can help to improve your home incredibly, providing ease for all of the family.
  • Changing the setup of your system can be quite time-consuming as you will need a professional to do the work for you. However, this just shows the complexity and how advanced the systems are.

Book your personal showroom visit with one of our IQ Furniture consultants to discuss the endless possibilities of your home cinema with design and home automation advice. Alternatively, if you would like further information on Crestron and how their systems can be used in your home cinema or entertainment room you can call us on 01494 939 750 or email


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