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- 04-January-2017

Design Movements 2: Modernism

Ways You Can Incorporate Modernism Into Your Interior Design.


The Modernism movement started in 1880 and ended in 1940 but the style and fashion of this movement actually still lives on today. The main objective of modernism was to work for originality and innovation, rejecting the tradition and false rationalism.

Modernism was a rebellion against the conservative beliefs, as they were more interested in the unusual and unknown. This then led to experimentation with form, highlighting the processes and materials being used as well as showing tendencies to the abstraction.

New materials including concrete, steel and glass were some of the highlights of this trend. Simple forms were used, resulting in decorative elements being removed. Modernism in architecture included open plan spaces becoming much more popular. Simple, modular furniture was very popular during this time as well as toned down or natural colours.

A very popular choice of a chair during the modernist movement were the Egg or Womb chairs. These chairs were the perfect choice for an armchair, allowing you to relax in maximum comfort. The Heartbreaker chai is very similar to these well-known chairs. The contemporary Heartbreaker chair has a padded heart-shaped back and seat, creating added comfort when relaxing. The simple design of this armchair with a chromium-plated metal base in a wide range of colours makes this the perfect modern addition to any home.

The Hugo coffee table is almost identical to the well-known Tulip table from the modernist movement. The design of the Hugo table is very simple, making it the perfect choice for contemporary interiors. Available in white and black to create a monochromatic colour scheme or clear glass to create a versatile design.

hugo tulip coffee table

All wardrobes by IQ Furniture fit perfectly in any space due to the modular sections, allowing you to pick and choose certain elements of the wardrobe including shelves and drawers for your shoes, trousers and other items of clothing. All of our wardrobes include minimalistic features perfect for creating a modern interior design including very minimal or no handles. Our wide range of wardrobes also come in toned down or natural colours.

Ghost Modular Designer Wardrobe

Contact us to find out more about our modern furniture and book your very own personal showroom visit to view and test the items in person. Call us on 01494 939 750 or email us at .


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