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Design Trends - 05-January-2017

Design Movements 3: Industrial Revolution

British life was transformed by the industrial revolution in the late 18 th century. The industrial revolution meant a much higher standard of living for ordinary people and Britain became much richer as a result.

The industrial revolution made Victorian homes more comfortable and healthier. This was the first time furniture was mass produced. In the early 19 th century ‘through houses’ were built. Families would keep their best furniture and ornaments in the downstairs front room and spend most of their time in the back room which would normally have been a kitchen or living room.

Some of the style highlights for the industrial revolution include numerous ornaments and decorations that filled every space in the interior of the home. At this time there was no consistency between the style and quality of furnishings within the home. The furniture was quite simple but also very elegant, perfectly showcasing the upper-class families.

Although IQ Furniture cannot provide specific Industrial Revolution furniture items, we are able to provide similar luxury furniture that follows the design of simple yet elegant. Wooden armchairs were very popular at this time with very simple and basic designs.

The Margot armchair is a perfect example of a more up-to-date version of an Industrial Revolution armchair. Most of the furniture produced in this era was made from wood and this Margot armchair can be made with solid wood frame. A metal frame is also available if this is the style you prefer. The seat and back padding creates a comfortable and elegant armchair, perfect for living or dining areas.

Margot - Armchair

The Arcadia armchair by IQ Furniture is quite similar in shape to the plain and simple armchairs you would have found in a Victorian home. Arcadia is available with or without arms, making it suitable for any type of room. The frame is available in either natural beech, Canaletto walnut, wenghè, matt white or black stained beech. This wooden frame links the chair with the Industrial Revolution design very well. This is a more modern version as it includes a cover which is available in either fabric, soft leather or synthetic leather. The use of this cover and shape of the back makes the armchair very comfortable, perfect for use as a dining chair.

Arcadia - Armchair

Sideboards were a popular item of furniture in Victorian homes as they were the perfect place for ornaments and decoration. IQ Furniture’s Oxford sideboard  is a great way to bring the aesthetic of the Industrial Revolution into your home due to its wooden frame, doors and drawers available in Canaletto walnut or burned oak. If you wanted to create a more contemporary sideboard then the framing can be in white or graphite lacquered wood. Our sideboards are the perfect luxury item for keeping important items safe if you have a lack of space or just want to keep your living spaces tidy.

Oxford - Sideboard

IQ Furniture specialises in luxury contemporary furniture and we always try our best to provide furniture that can suit any desired aesthetic. If you have any questions about our items or if you want to book a showroom visit then please contact us on 01494 939 750 or email us at .


Ekta Khetia

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