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Design Trends - 04-November-2016

Discover the Trends in Modern Outdoor Sofas

Outdoor living spaces are increasingly becoming very popular with people installing doors that allow them to merge their indoor and outdoor living spaces as well as roofs that can provide shelter and shade to allow use of the outdoor living space throughout the year.

Comfort is key when planning the furniture for your outdoor living space. When creating an outdoor living space you will need to think about how much space you have to fill with the necessary furniture.

IQ Furniture can provide multiple ranges of outdoor furniture including chairs, tables and sofas. It is often thought that an outdoor living space will be a new dining area, however it is very possible to create an outdoor living room space. When planning your living area, the most important piece of furniture is the sofa. This is still the case when planning an outdoor living space. The outdoor sofa shown below by IQ Furniture is created with an interesting design of elastic straps webbed together to create an unusual yet very comfortable design.


EMU Yard



You can choose from a range of colours, making this modern outdoor sofa perfect for all outdoor living spaces. This sofa is part of the Yard range which also includes a table and chairs, allowing you to match all of your outdoor furniture.

Another modern outdoor sofa by IQ Furniture is part of the Shine range. This range also includes matching tables and chairs that you can purchase. This style of sofa is a perfect addition to the poolside in your garden. The materials used and design of this product make it ideal for outdoor use as well as indoor.

EMU Shine

Outdoor furniture is becoming very popular due to the increase in outdoor living spaces. By having an outdoor living space, you are extending your home and providing more areas for you and your family to relax.

IQ Furniture offer simple yet interesting outdoor sofa designs. By having a simple sofa design, you are able to match them with other furnishings as well as being able to add your own design elements by using pillows or a throw.

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