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Design Trends - 29-September-2017

Filament Designer Lighting with Modern Energy Efficiency

Filament Designer Lighting with Modern Energy Efficiency 

Industrial interiors have been making a huge comeback in modern residential design. Art Deco furniture, steel windows and doors and the resurgence of industrial materials are all evident throughout some of the most innovative interiors schemes at the moment. 

This 'Industrial Design' is also taking a stronghold in lighting design with the use of Exposed Filament bulbs increasing exponentially over the past five years. 

Exposed filament light bulbs were initially invented by a British inventor named Sir Joseph Wilson Swan in 1850. It was his designs and published research that led to Thomas Edison inventing the long burning light bulb in 1879.

These types of lights emit a soft glow with an amber colouration to the light rather than white. This vintage style lighting is closely reminiscent of candlelight which helps create cosy interiors with a welcoming ambience.

In addition to their understated illumination, the design of the lights themselves is often inspired by antique or vintage lights, further recreating the traditional design of the Edison bulb. 

Categories of Filament Lights

Tala M Smoked

Filament lighting has gone through many technological advancements and improvements since its initial inception but the look and feel of a traditional filament bulb are still mainly unchanged. Throughout its history, these lighting fixtures have been known by various names including carbon filament bulbs, antique filament bulbs, squirrel cage bulbs or Edison bulbs.

The main design characteristic of these lights is a clear or smoked glass bulb with loosely coiled filaments which create a pattern within the bulb. There are various ways in which the filaments can be arranged to create a variety of filament lighting designs:


  • Squirrel Cage – where the filament is threaded up and down many times around the centre of the bulb creating the appearance of the bars of a cage. 
  • Spiral – where the filament is tightly coiled in a spiral design.
  • Hairpin – where the filament is looped vertically once creating the appearance of a hairpin or bobby pin.
  • Loop – where the filament is looped in loose circles between three and four times. 
  • Christmas Tree – where the filament zig zags horizontally back and forth in a similar design to traditional Christmas Tree lights.


Energy Efficient Filament Lights

Voronoi Light Bulbs

As this lighting design came back into fashion in restaurant and hospitality design a few years ago the inherent issue with filament lighting, and the reason for its demise in the late 90’s, again became a subject of discussion. 

The issue with traditional carbon filament bulbs is that they are not very energy efficient at all. Essentially 90% of all the energy that is generated from these bulbs is wasted as it is converted into heat energy instead of the necessary light energy. 

In response, a new generation of carbon filament bulbs has been born to solve this modern design issue. 

British lighting designers, Tala, have designed an entire range of LED filament lights to fill this specific design requirement. 

When you think of LED lighting you immediately conjure images of cumbersome lighting designs with large chips, futuristic silver colours and bright white lights…. Not at all in keeping with the popular industrial lighting design trend! 

Tala has managed to merge all the good traits of LED lighting (low energy consumption, long lifespan etc) into a range of lights that maintain the classic design of the Edison bulb. 

The Tala Lighting Range

Voronoi Light Bulbs

Beautiful design is at the forefront of everything that IQ Furniture does, and the same is the case for Tala. Their designer lighting range is broad and impressive, offering an industrial light perfect for every on-trend interior scheme. 

From the bulbs themselves to the lighting fixtures design excellence is key. Each light bulb design can be combined with each fixture design to ensure that you achieve the lighting design you need.

Below is a brief overview of the exposed filament lights from the Tala Lighting range:  



Each one of these LED bulbs is able to be mounted in any of the Tala designed fixtures:


  • Walnut Knuckle Pendant
  • Oak Knuckle Pendant
  • Oak Touch Table Lamp
  • Walnut Touch Table Lamp
  • Brass Pendant 


Here at the IQ Furniture showroom and Sky House Design Centre, these lights have been used as the lighting in one of our meeting rooms. Here we are using a mixture of Zion and Gaia light bulbs held within the Brass Pendant fixture to create a statement industrial lighting design over the meeting table. The glass face of the meeting table (the Time Dining Table) reflected the warm amber hue of the lights providing further illumination to the room. 

Tala Lights IQ Showroom

The Energy Statistics 

Voronoi Light Bulbs

As well as looking beautiful these exposed filament LED bulbs from Tala have a minimum lifespan of 30,000 light hours which is exceptionally impressive. When simulated in real life scenarios this equates to a:


  • 10.27-year lifespan for a filament light that is on for 8 hours per day
  • 7-year lifespan for a filament bulb that is on for 12 hours per day
  • 4.6-year lifespan for a filament bulb that is on for 18 hours per day
  • 3.5-year lifespan for a filament bulb that is on for 24 hours per day 


The advanced life expectancy, as well as the low energy usage of these bulbs, offers investors and developers a proven return on investment over traditional incandescent lighting. 

Below is an energy efficiency case study to show the potential cost savings and ROI for a Tala 3W exposed filament LED bulb replacing a 40W incandescent bulb

Wattage Saving

Original bulb wattage = 40W. 

Replacement bulb wattage = 3W. 

Watts saved = 37W or 0.04KW. 

Time of Use

Hours of use per day = 12 hrs. 

Days of use per week = 7 days. 

Weeks of use per year = 52 weeks. 

Energy Saved

Total kWh saved per year (0.04 x 12 x 7 x 52) = 161.62 kWh/year. 

Energy cost per kWh (UK average) = £0.15

Cost Saved

Potential energy savings per bulb per year = £24.24

Potential bulb replacement savings per bulb per year (due to enhanced lifespan) = £9.13 

Return on Investment 

Payback on initial light purchase cost = 9 months 

Return on investment in the first year = 133% 

With these impressive life expectancies and gorgeous designs, it is easy to see why Tala lights are designers top choice for industrial lighting designs. If you are interested in learning more about Tala Lights, or how to include exposed filament lights into your interiors scheme please contact the team at IQ Furniture on 01494 722 880 or email us at We can also book an appointment for you to visit our lifestyle showroom in Amersham which showcases the broadest range of designer lights in the South East of England.


Each one of these LED bulbs is able to be mounted in any of the Tala designed fixtures:


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