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Design Trends - 23-March-2017

Home Cinemas VS Entertainment Rooms

IQ Furniture’s latest service is our Home Cinema Package where we are able to provide all elements including furniture and technology to help you create the ideal home cinema.

When designing this space, you may end up with a living area that is more of an entertainment room. There are a few differences between home cinemas and entertainment rooms. Although these rooms can be quite similar, you are more likely to spend more money on the technology used within a home cinema than with an entertainment room where you are more likely to spend this money on the furniture used within the space.

An entertainment room is a multipurpose space, where a large flat-screen TV, surround sound and comfortable seating is integrated with a bar or games consoles. This is the place where friends and family hang out together throughout the week to relax. Entertainment rooms are ideal for those who enjoy watching a film but also enjoy socialising whilst playing games with their friends and families.

A home cinema is perfect for homeowners who want a separate space to sit and watch films in the peace and quiet with dim lighting, using the space as a relaxation room with no distractions. A home cinema is also the perfect way for bringing the feeling of being at a cinema, watching the latest film, into the home.

Both styles of room can be created by renovating an existing living space within the house or by extending your home, specifically for the entertainment or home cinema room. IQ Furniture is able to supply furniture for both styles of rooms as well as the technology involved with creating them both.

View some of our Home Cinema furniture items online now. Browse through our other furniture items online for inspiration and design ideas or make an appointment to visit the showroom to view these items in person.

The IQ Furniture Home Cinema showroom will be completed at the Sky House Design Centre in April. Make sure to get in contact with us to find out more about the package and for advice on how you can create your very own bespoke home cinema or entertainment room. Call us on 01494 939 750 or email us at


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