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Reviews - 21-July-2017

Is Sonos the Right Sound System for your Home Cinema?

When investing in a home cinema or media room you want to try an emulate the truest home cinema experience you can, no matter the size, shape and additional uses of the room. Sound quality is a huge factor in recreating that perfect cinema experience at home. You can read our article about how to set out the perfect home cinema configuration here. 

With the growth of smart homes and app operated appliances everywhere in a house you could be fooled into thinking that the sound systems for your home cinema are just that simple. In fact, there is a lot of science and engineering that goes into the design of a sound system for a home cinema.

There are various ways in which you can create a well-engineered sound system for a home cinema, mixing together sound components and control systems to give you the best solution for your space and budget.

Wireless sound systems offer fantastic flexibility for home cinema rooms, as well as pumping sound and music out to every room in the house. These wireless speaker systems tend to work on a private wi-fi network that allows them to connect to each other and communicate.

This flexibility allows you to add more speakers whenever you want, have speakers in every room in the house and broadcast music or sound throughout the home. Speakers can also be grouped by ‘rooms’ allowing you to play a different playlist of sound in different rooms. Play a soothing playlist in the bathroom whilst the kids listen to the radio in the living room.

This is really useful when it comes to home cinema design as you can use the sound system in the media room for the cinema whilst still having different music playing in other areas of the home without extensive wiring and programming.

Wireless home speaker networks are operated via a smart phone or tablet app or through a program on your computer. It is through this app that you can create ‘rooms’, control sound and set up playlists. Do you want a specific playlist to listen to when you are getting ready for work in the morning? Easy. Set it up on your program and just press play.

But when it comes to the sound systems and wireless speakers which is the best?

Sonos is by far the best-known name in wireless home sound systems and is one of its pioneers. This tech giant has been offering wireless speakers to the residential design market for many years, expanding its offering into home cinema design with its Sonos playbar and Sub.

The Sonos systems are solely reliant on a wireless internet connection to communicate with each other and for control. The ease of adding multiple speakers has made Sonos popular with home owners who want to create their own home sound system without expert help.

With additional elements, a Sonos system can be engineered to be used as a home cinema sound system. Although this is a very expensive way to create a home cinema sound system.

If you are looking to create a wireless sound system for your home cinema Heos tends to be a better solution. It is widely agreed that the sound quality from a Heos speaker system is slightly better than a Sonos and when it comes to a home cinema design sound quality is key.

As the ease of adding additional speakers into the system is slightly less so than with Sonos, which is why most home owners lean towards the better-known tech giant. However, the ability to customise the installation, coupled with the improved audio quality, means that Heos is often the first choice for home cinema professionals.

Both systems offer great flexibility for both music playing and movie watching but when looking for a home cinema sound system the Heos system comes out on top and can also be rolled out to all areas of the home.

IQ Furniture are experts at designing beautiful home theatre rooms that not only look good but sound good too.  You can find out a little more about the Heos system for home cinemas here at our in depth review. If you are still unsure or would like more information on both systems our audio visual consultants will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

For a personal consultation just contact us on 01494 939 750 or email to book your appointment at our dedicated home cinema showroom in Amersham. The fully integrated home cinema room showcases the very best in home cinema design and technology and well worth the visit for anyone interested in creating their very own cinema at home.

In 2015 Denon produced a Home Cinema soundbar with the choice of a rack or wall mount installation. The Heos speaker systems may be ideal for your home cinema, read the pros and cons below to find out:


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