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Design Trends - 18-September-2017

London Design Festival 2017 Day #3 | Design Frontiers

London Design Festival 2017 Day #3 | Design Frontiers

Today is the third day of the annual London Design Festival, celebrating everything ‘Design’ in London. We ventured over to the Design Frontiers exhibition at Somerset House to be inspired by some of the world’s leading design innovators.

Through each installation, you can clearly see the trends for the next phase of furniture and lighting design start to take shape.

Luxury Materials

Minimalism and last years ‘Hygge’ craze drove interiors to calming tones, light colours and paired backspaces. Now luxurious and sumptuous design materials are emerging en vogue again. Creating surfaces that you want to touch and design scapes that ooze luxury will add an instant update to any interior scheme.

The use of marble as a design material was prevalent in a number of installations including ‘Mineral Gravity’; a collaboration between designer Arik Levy and surfaces company COMPAC. The sumptuous, deep surfaces paired with the mesmerising pattern of marble were used to create a focal kitchen island. It reminded us of the Platinum black marble dining table from Gallotti&Radice.

Platinum Dining Room Table


Pair black marble surfaces with deep colours and simple gold accessories for an instant ‘on trend’ kitchen or dining room design.

The Arcadia Dining Chair 

Arcadia Dining Chair

Thea Dining Chair 

Thea Dining Chair


Koki Dining Chair 

Koki Dining Chair


Elegant Metal Structures

Geometric patterns of metal are hang overs from the Art Deco design movement that is enjoying a resurgence in popularity at the moment. No exhibition demonstrated the impact that repeated patterns in this reflective and flexible material can achieve than the AXYL collection from Benjamin Hubert. The ascending aluminium structure reaches up to the ceiling where it meets a circular mirror continuing the reflective pattern into infinity.

A similar design concept could be brought into the home with the Raj Coffee table which pairs transparent glass with elegant metal table legs to create a beautiful coffee table structure.

Raj Coffee Table


This trend was also repeated through at the Swarovski Crystal lighting exhibit with Tord Boontje. Elegant Swarovski crystals were strung along simple metallic skeletons to create simplistic yet beautiful lighting installations.

Swarovski Light


You get this look at home with the Octopus Light 

Oktopus Light

Eco Design

Using recycled or sustainable materials has been a growing design trend ever since designers stopped and took notice of the natural environment. At Design Frontiers this year Eco Design was at the forefront of what many designers were looking to achieve.

Right in the courtyard at Somerset House, you are met with the world’s largest mobile, off-grid recycling plant. This unit was transforming rubbish from London’s streets into architectural tiles used to decorate an architectural installation in the centre.

Within the exhibition designers, Sebastian Cox and Ninela Ivanova were showcasing their collection of lights and furniture made from wood and mycelium. These previously overlooked natural materials come together to create fully compostable pieces of furniture that are strong and lightweight.

At Somerset House




Wood Fungus Furniture

Overall the exhibition was an interesting insight into the possible future of design and product manufacturing. There is no doubt that sustainable design will continue to grow as our dependence on fossil fuels and non-sustainable materials become ever more fractious. The key will be combining our love for design with the requirement for recyclable materials and sensitive sourcing.


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