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Design Trends - 22-September-2017

London Design Festival 2017 Day #4 | @ Oxo Tower Wharf

London Design Festival 2017 Day #4 | @ Oxo Tower Wharf

As part of the London Design Festival, Oxo Tower Wharf are showcasing a number of exciting design exhibits and open workshops to showcase the immense design talent that can be found throughout London.

Wandering through the various studios and workshops you gain a sense of what materials and colours will filter down to the residential and interior design market over the coming year.

High on the agenda throughout the exhibitions was a drive to integrate nature into design. This is known as Biophilic Design and includes the integration of patterns and materials normally found outside into the interior design of a space.

In the heart of the Oxo Tower Wharf Courtyard 380 sapling trees have been installed to create an urban garden. This piece by Friche Studio was created to raise awareness of air pollution, climate change and deforestation.

Oxo Tower Wharf Courtyard 380 Saplings

You don’t have to add 380 trees to your living room to get ahead of this design trend. The inclusion of natural materials like responsibly sourced timber into your scheme is part of a Biophilic Design scheme. Natural tones like green and foliage patterns all could help you bring the outdoors into your interior design scheme.

The Luna Dining table is made from Oak or Walnut timber and maintains its natural wooden pattern. 

Studio IQ Luna Dining Table

This natural armchair from Meridiani helps capture the natural beauty of timber in a contemporary design. The Forrest Wood chair is made from an Oak frame that can be stained black, light or almond.

Forrest Chair by Meridiani

Add a subtle green element to your interior with the Lou Pouf from Gallotti&Radice in green velvet.

Lou Pouf from Gallotti and Radice

This year’s LDF Landmark project is also on show at the Oxo Tower during the festival. The Urban Cabin is a design by Sam Jacob with MINI as part of their exploration into urban living.

Urban Cabin

From the outside, the architectural design is distinctive thanks to its eclectic use of materials. Copper is mixed with Terrazzo, glass, timber and mirrors to create this compact living space which also acts as a library.

Mix of Materials

This creative mix of materials will be seen throughout interior design schemes in the coming years. Furniture and lighting designs are already gaining an edge in this arena by utilising unusual materials to create unique pieces. The GANTLights Serie C lighting range for instance uses concrete to create a distinctive ceiling light which is then mixed with timber or metal for an unusual, yet bang on trend lighting design.

Buildings and forms that have more than one function will be important in the future of interior design. As the demand for new homes grows living spaces will start to contract, meaning that our interiors have to be multifunctional.

In the Urban Cabin, the internal dining table can be hinged over to the outside to create an external dining space. The library was designed to double up as a public resource as more public libraries close across the whole of the UK.

Clever design and engineering can ensure that your living spaces are flexible and multifunctional too. The Metropolis S06 home storage system from IQ Furniture is just one step towards a multi-tasking living space. The bespoke storage system can have hidden elements such as integrated desks and hidden TV’s combined into the contemporary storage front, perfect for open plan living areas and homes with a little less space to spare.

Studio IQ Metropolis s06


Contact IQ Furniture to see any of these trend-setting interior solutions at our 20,000 sq ft lifestyle showroom in Amersham or keep an eye on the website for the next run down from this year’s London Design Festival.


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