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Brand Focus - 05-June-2018

Looking After Garden Furniture Throughout The Year

IQ Furniture has a range of outdoor furniture covers to protect your garden furniture throughout the year.

IQ Furniture has a vast range of outdoor furniture that can be left outdoors throughout the year. The full outdoor furniture range from Cane-Line is manufactured from quality materials that withstand large temperature differences and season changes. All furniture is UV-resistant, colourfast and resistant to water and frost damage.

Cane-line Outdoor Furniture Cover

Although the furniture range has many weather resistant properties, it is always a good idea to invest in outdoor furniture covers to add further protection from dirt, leaves and other deposits that may occur from season to season. The Cane Line range available at IQ Furniture has a selection of covers that are tailored to perfectly fit the full furniture range including parasols, tables and day beds. The covers are designed to the specific furniture item which ensures that the furniture is well protected because they provide a snug fit over the furniture which makes it hard for strong winds to remove the cover.

Cane-line Outdoor Furniture

If the Cane Line furniture range is left outdoors throughout the year, without a cover on, then dirt deposits may build up. These deposits can be removed with a pressure washer which will not cause any damage to the furniture; the quick dry technology available with most of the Cane Line range means that the furniture will be dry and ready to use after just one hour. However, this may not be ideal for those spontaneous outdoor summer dinner parties when you would like your outdoor furniture to look flawless immediately. Furniture covers provide an efficient solution to save you both time and labour. The covers can be simply removed to reveal your furniture, still looking as flawless as when you've purchased them at the showroom.

Cane-line Outdoor Furniture Cover from IQ Glass

Would you like to find out more about the Cane Line outdoor furniture range and furniture covers? You can speak to our furniture experts by calling 01494 722 880 or email us at



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