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Reviews - 03-August-2017

Lutron Review

Lutron is a well-known company specialising in dimming lighting systems. Joel Spira, Physicist and founder of Lutron, was the first to invent a device that could control the intensity of a light within the home. Lutron has had great success ever since, providing dimmer systems and motorised shades that are able to control electric light and daylight for homeowners.

Dimmed lighting is the perfect lighting choice throughout the home, allowing you to change the ambience in each space separately. However, if you do not require dimmed lighting throughout your home then it is also ideal for integration into your Home Cinema.

Lutron Pros:

  • Lutron light control products are versatile ranging from individual dimmers to light management systems, allowing you to control one or more rooms within your home at any time.
  • Individual dimmers can be controlled by the touch of a button, allowing you to operate the lights before arriving home.
  • Using these dimming systems can save energy which in turn can help you to save money.
  • An array of design options is available allowing you to create a system that matches your interior.

Lutron Cons:

  • The Lutron lighting systems can be more expensive than other lighting systems however you are paying for a high-end, luxury lighting system.

If you would like to find out more about Lutron lighting systems or any other systems available to create the perfect Home Cinema experience then book a showroom visit with one of our technical advisors. Call us on 01494 722880 or email For more product reviews on lighting and other smart home controls suitable for your home cinema, click here.


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