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Design Trends - 19-September-2017

Make Your Dining Room Ready for Christmas

Make Your Dining Room Ready for Christmas

As the days become colder and the nights become longer there is little we can do to put off the inevitable changing of the seasons. And with the advent of autumn comes the unavoidable Christmas Preparation! 

Whether you are hosting the main Christmas meal or just planning for the multitude of festive meals that you will host throughout the seasons the dining room is the focal point of this time of year. As the formal dining room is likely to be underused for the better part of the year, with dinners and parties being held in the open plan living area or kitchen, a dining space may need a little TLC at this time of year to ensure that it is up to the task. 

Each year it seems as if the Christmas Prep starts earlier but when it comes to preparing your dining room forward planning is essential. 

The Christmas Dining Table

The dining table is the heart of a dining room design. With so many different designs, materials and styles available for you to choose from the range of options can seem overwhelming. If you are looking for a new dining table to host a large dinner size is key. You need enough space for everyone to sit comfortably with plenty of elbow room. 

An extendable dining table is a fantastic solution for seasonal dining. Although slightly more expensive than a straightforward dining table extendable tables offer you the flexibility to add more seating to the room when you are hosting and then take them away for a simple family meal.

3 of the Top Extendable Dining Tables

Echo In

Echo Extendable Dining Room Table


Fiandre Extendable Dining Room Table


Kevin Extendable Dining Room Table

Another key consideration for your table choice will be material. You want a dining table that is durable and easy to maintain. Ceramic table tops offer the highest levels of durability in a material that is beautiful and on trend.  The Skorpio Dining table from Cattelan Italia is one of the most popular ceramic dining tables at our showroom. It is available in a number of sizes up to a maximum of 320cm x 138cm so is more than capable of dealing with a large family feast.

Skorpio Ceramic

Skorpio Extendable Dining Room Table

If the thought of trawling through the internet searching for your perfect dining table sounds tiresome you can take advantage of IQ Furniture’s product sourcing service. Simply tell us how many people the table needs to seat, the colours or materials you want and we will send you some examples and costs. 

For a more luxurious approach to your dining room design book your own personal shopping appointment with one of our consultants. During your personal consultation at our showroom, we will go through your requirements, design preferences and budget for us to present you with a selection of dining sets to suit your needs. 

Make Sure Everyone is Sitting Comfy 

Once you have your perfect dining table you need to pick the dining chairs to go with it. Designers shy away from ‘matchy-matchy’ dining sets these days. Instead, they prefer the freedom to select dining chairs that suit the design of the room as well as the size of the table.

Dining chairs with armrests offer a higher level of comfort and do score higher on our showroom ‘lounge-ability scale’ however they do tend to take up a little more space around the dining table as well as being slightly more expensive. Often armed chairs will be selected for the heads of the table with matching chairs without arms being used for seating down either side.

Chairs with a leather or wipe down surface tend to be very popular for dining rooms that are used very often. These surfaces are easy to clean of stray red wine or gravy stains.

3 of the Top Leather Dining Chairs


Anna Leather Dining Room Chair


Liz Dining Room Chair


Betty Dining Room Chair

For more flexibility to your dining room design, you could select a range of durable chairs that can easily be stored away when not needed. The Koki dining chair is made from colourful lightweight polyurethane and is able to be stacked for easy storage. 

Koki Dining Chair

Koki Dining Chair

Elegant Storage and Serving Spaces

Storage in modern dining rooms is normally serviced by a trusty sideboard. These low-rise cupboards and storage areas are the perfect places to keep your best guest china, spare wine glasses and also provide a convenient surface to lay out additional food or drink for a Christmas Feast.

Similar to dining tables there is a huge amount of choice when it comes to selecting a sideboard. Often these are chosen in line with the table and chair choice although you could select a focal standout piece. 

3 of the Top Sideboards


Koki Sideboard


Oxford Sideboard

Tama Credence

Tama Credence Sideboard

Smaller dining areas could use a portable storage solution like the Brandy Trolley Bar for stylish and convenient dining storage

Brandy Trolley Bar

Brandy Trolley Bar

Get the Lighting Right

If you have a room that is a dedicated dining space you can create a fantastic statement with a low-hanging dedicated pendant light. These dining lights evoke images of traditional Christmas banquets in resplendent dining halls all overshadowed by a fabulous chandelier.

3 of the Top ‘Modern’ Chandeliers


Kidal Modern Chandelier


Cristal Chandelier


Venezia Chandelier

However, most modern pendant lights are more in keeping with current design trends, using slender metallic structures, exposed lightbulbs or textured materials. These pendant lights can be used independently or clustered together over a dining table for a modern dining scheme. 

3 of the Top Modern Dining Table Lights 

Serie C in Concrete  

Uses a concrete light fixture clad in a choice of contrasting materials to create a fantastic long-form ceiling light, perfect for use over extended dining tables. 

Gant Serie C Dining Table Lights


A wacky take on a traditional chandelier design with clear glass bulbs and a slender metallic structure. 

Oktopus Light


A dark metal frame with copper mesh lampshade creates an industrial style light able to be used alone for a smaller table or in groups for larger spans. 

Galaxy Dining Table Light

The Finishing Touches

The final elements of a dining room space can really make or break the room design.

Strategically placed mirrors can make a small dining room seem larger, reflecting light around the room. These will often be placed over the sideboard.

The Emerald Mirror from Cattelan Italia has a beautifully detailed frame of faceted glass for a simple designer mirror design.

Emerald Mirror from Cattelan Italia

For a more modern approach, you could choose the Stripe wall mirror which is made from various uneven lengths of slim mirroring.

Stripe Wall Mirror

Separate the dining room from busy living spaces with the installation of a designer door system. The ADL internal door range from IQ Furniture offers you a range of door designs that allows you to pick a door that suits the existing décor. 

This decorative Piana Band sliding door is a perfect example of this.

Piana Sliding Door

Or you could select something more minimal and elegant like the Mitika sliding door.

Mitika Sliding Door

Keep in mind that the deadline for Christmas ordering is fast approaching so you should start to think about your festive dining designs now. Any furniture orders will need to be placed by 27th October in order for them to be delivered before Christmas and some more bespoke elements (like ADL doors) will need to be ordered sooner. 

And you want to make sure you have the time to come and see your new dining set in person at our showroom before you order it! 

Contact us today for us to begin product sourcing for your new dining set or to book your appointment to visit our furniture showroom in Amersham. 


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