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Furniture - 26-May-2017

Our 3 Step Guide to Creating the Perfect Wardrobe

Creating the

Perfect Wardrobe

Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Your Perfect Wardrobe...

If you are redecorating or are moving into a new home and are thinking about how you are going to design your bedroom then there are many things you may need to consider.

The second most important item of furniture in your bedroom is the wardrobe.

IQ Furniture has three simple steps to help you design your very own bespoke wardrobe to perfectly match the rest of your bedroom.

Step 1: Measure your space

Wardrobe Measure Your Space

The first step to creating the ideal wardrobe for your space is to make sure that you measure the available space very carefully. IQ Furniture is able to provide you with a guide to help you measure up, but you can also visit the new showroom for extra peace of mind.

Step 2: Choose your doors

Wardrobe Choose Your Doors

There are many options when it comes to choosing the doors of your wardrobe. You are able to choose your door fascia style, then decide on whether you would prefer hinged, sliding or flush-sliding mechanisms. After this you will need to select a colour, finish and handles from the extensive options available.

Step 3: The interior

Wardrobe The interior

Although it is very important to focus on how you want the exterior of your new wardrobe to look, it is also key to pay some attention to the interior. Internal fittings and fixtures can be optimised to meet your storage needs. It is very simple to design the interior of your wardrobe and put the pieces together, especially with expert advice from designers. IQ Furniture is able to offer custom-made designs that are far more flexible than your standard shop bought wardrobes .

Extra Elements

Once you have chosen the internal finish you can then select the extra elements you need to supplement the basics in order to keep your shoes tidy, suits smart and everything else neat and accessible. Each module comes with two rails and one shelf, but you can add various options. These include glass shelves, drawers, a pullout mirror and display cases for trousers, belts and shoes.

Wardrobes by Lema

Wardrobes By Lema

The Nur Hinge and Fina Sliding Door Wardrobes by Lema stand out due to their handle built-in frame in the same finish as the rest of the wardrobe. These finishes include natural glossy anodized aluminium or a bronze colour. These bespoke wardrobes can be adapted in depth and come with doors in a range of materials including 10-colour lacquered glass, mirrored doors or upholstered in fabric or eco-leather.

The Precious Details

The Precious Details

Shelves and hanging bars with built-in lights are also available in these wardrobes. There are many precious details that can be made from leather and fabric such as the mats for the drawers and boxes for the shirt compartment.


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