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Furniture - 04-November-2016

The Chair With A Story

It is very rare for an item of furniture to be able to tell a story just by the design of the product. It can be very hard to be able to design a product like this as there are many aspects that need to be thought about including the shape, colour and materials used.

The Heartbreaker Chair is a perfect example of an item of furniture that is able to tell its own story. This award-winning chair was designed for Tonon Italia by Oscar Tusquets Blanca. IQ Furniture offer this contemporary armchair to help you, your family or friends get over the heartbreak. Heartbreak is a very hard and painful emotion to deal with and the best way to cure it is to relax in front of the TV to take your mind off of everything.

Tonon Heartbreaker

The contemporary Heartbreaker armchair is made with an original heart-shaped back and seat. The padding of this chair is ideal for added comfort, keeping you cosy when relaxing in front of the TV or with a book. The central column base in chromium-plated metal provides a sturdy base. The metal base also has a 360° swivel function which can be quite therapeutic as it allows you to make subtle movements that can enhance the comfort.

Tonon Heartbreaker

These armchairs come in a range of colours with the most popular colour choice being red. This colour perfectly resembles heartbreak as it links with love and the heart itself. If you love the idea of this chair but are not too keen on red then IQ Furniture can also provide other colours including white, purple and grey. Each of these colours will match perfectly with most interior designs and other items of furniture.

Tonon Heartbreaker

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