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Furniture - 02-September-2016

The Dream Walk In Wardrobes


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If you are planning or redesigning your bedroom space, then one of the main items you may be thinking about as well as your bed, is your wardrobe. If you love fashion and have a lot of clothes, shoes and handbags then it is possible that you will want or need a walk in wardrobe to be able to accommodate for all of your items.

IQ Furniture can provide the perfect walk in wardrobe for any bedroom interior project. With a large choice of drawers, shelves, openings and colour schemes you are sure to find your dream walk-in wardrobe.

There are some things that need to be thought about when designing your walk in wardrobe, do you need shelves on all sides of the wardrobe or do you have too much of a specific item such as shoes that will need their own storage on one side of the wall? You will need to think about what it is you will need to be storing, IQ Furniture will then be able to advise you on the storage system that will be ideal for you.

Depending on how big you are able to make your walk in wardrobe, other items of furniture may be necessary. IQ Furniture can provide the additional items including armchairs, footstools, and mirrors to help you create the walk in wardrobe of your dreams.

Jesse - Walk in Wardrobe

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