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Interior Design - 14-March-2017

Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Interior Design: Part 1

How to Create the Perfect Bedroom Design

There are a number of top tips flying around in regards to creating the perfect interior design for your home. This makes it quite hard to see which tips are best for you and which ones you should follow. We have come up with some of our own top tips that we feel will help you with all interior design elements.

Interior Design Top Tips for the Bedroom

Let’s start with the most important item of furniture in the bedroom…the bed. Incorporating a high bed into your interior design can make your room look much bigger than it is. If you were to choose a high bed with a tall headboard then this will naturally make your bedroom look much higher and more spacious. The Matisse Bed by Cattelan Italia is perfect for creating this illusion. This leather bed has a unique feature headboard and optional pull-up slats for internal storage, creating, even more space within the bedroom.

matisse bed

Our next top tip can be used in any room of your choice and this is to choose a light colour on the walls and ceilings as these will help to enhance the illusion of a larger room. Obviously the most common choice for creating a brighter room is white, however, it may be best to think about pale blues, greys and pinks to add some colour to your bedroom.

The next necessity within the bedroom is a table lamp . Creating an ambience within the bedroom is not a common thing, however, it can help change the atmosphere of the room completely. Integrating a table lamp into your bedroom design can be the perfect item when relaxing and unwinding. IQ Furniture’s Mamba table lamp is perfect for any bedroom due to its minimal contemporary design. This LED table lamp is available in black or white polished polyurethane on a stainless steel base .

Mambo Table Light

Our next top tip and one that is very important to us are ensuring to focus on the design of your wardrobe. The wardrobe is the second most important item of furniture within the bedroom and so it deserves the same amount of attention as the rest of the room. IQ Furniture offers a Bespoke Wardrobe Solution service where we help and advise you on how to create the perfect wardrobe for the space required. These solutions help to maximise the storage space necessary allowing you to have a clean and tidy room at all times as well as an organised wardrobe.

The wardrobe below is by Studio IQ and is a bespoke fitted wardrobe. IQ Furniture can create all styles of wardrobes with a wide range of door options and integrated internal elements. Find out more about our bespoke wardrobe service.

Bespoke Wardrobes from IQ Furniture

You can also read the accompanying Part 2 and Part 3 of our Top Tips.

Contact IQ Furniture to find out more about how you can create the perfect bedroom design, call us on  01494 939 750 or email .


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