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Interior Design - 02-May-2017

Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Interior Design: Part 2

How to Create the Perfect Living Room Interior Design

In our previous ‘Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Interior Design…’ article, we provided some tips on how to create the ideal bedroom design. In this article, we will be providing some of our top tips for creating the ideal living room!

Our first tip would be to incorporate white or brighter coloured furniture into your living space. This may scare some people as they are worried about the furniture getting dirty and becoming too hard to keep clean. However, it has been suggested to purchase robust, lighter fabrics, such as leather by interior designers. As well as being super easy to clean you are able to create an incredibly effortlessly stylish interior.

The Evelyn Sofa, as shown below, by Studio IQ is a perfect example. This sofa is available in leather, microfiber or fabric. The framing is made from hardwood combined with plywood and a board covered with a Dacron layer. Browse our Sofa range.

Evelyn Luxury Corner Sofa

The Evelyn Sofa by Studio IQ

Our next top tip is to contrast your cushions with the sofa. This will create a colourful, more interesting and eye-catching design. As well as having the endless choice of different colours, it is also wise to choose different fabrics for your pillows to create the perfect seating area.

A top tip we are very certain will work is to integrate internal doors into your interior to create a partition between rooms. This can make smaller homes feel like there is more space as you are able to create new living spaces.

IQ Furniture is now able to design and install ADL’s internal door range with a number of design options, making them ideal for all living spaces and interior designs. Below is the Mitika sliding glass door with a very minimal surrounding aluminium frame, which can be finished in a range of colours. Get in touch with IQ Furniture to find out more about our new ADL internal door range.

Mitika Internal Sliding Doors

There are a few tips that will help you create the perfect hallway entrance to your living space. Our first tip for this would be to find a way to make the hallway stand out more, as this is usually the first part of the home your friends and family will see, you should make sure it looks eye-catching.

We suggest hanging up some stunning artwork in this area to catch the eye of your guests. IQ Furniture has recently started working with Harper Deyoung who sell and source incredible pieces of artwork .

The Facet Artwork

The Facet by Harper Deyoung

Another tip, which can be used throughout the home, is to not hang mirrors opposite doors. Hanging mirrors opposite doors can make your living space look much smaller than it is. We advise hanging your mirrors opposite blank walls to create increased dimensions. Integrating large mirrors into your interior design is also a great way of providing a sense of space within the home. IQ Furniture has a wide range of mirrors, browse through them online here .

Luxury Emerald Mirror - IQ Furniture

Emerald Mirror by Cattelan Italia

You can also read the accompanying Part 1 and Part 3 of our Top Tips.

Contact IQ Furniture for some more tips and tricks on how you can create your ideal living room interior design. Call us on 01494 939 750 or email us at to find out more information on our wide range of furniture, lighting and accessories available or to book a showroom visit.


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