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Interior Design - 09-May-2017

Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Interior Design: Part 3

IQ Furniture’s Tips for Creating the Perfect Dining Interior Design

After giving tips on how to create the perfect interior design for your bedroom and living room, it is now time for you to see how you can completely transform your dining room to create something incredible.

One of the most important things to do with the internal living spaces of your home is to try to create open plan living spaces. This will make your home feel larger and allow you to integrate incredible items of furniture into your interior design. IQ Furniture provides the perfect items of furniture to fit into these open plan living spaces, from sofas to dinning tables . Combining your living and dining areas will create a social environment and the perfect flow between the two spaces.


Artistico Designer Dining Table

Artistico Dining Table By Bontempi Casa

Our second tip is to add small items to your dining table to make the area feel more homely. Dining tables do not only have to be great when in use, they are the perfect item of furniture to make your dining area perfect. Adding flowers to the centre of the table, a table cloth or some pretty miniature items is the ideal way to do this.

Cruz Luxurious Dining Table

Cruz Dining Table By Bontempi Casa

Choosing odd dinning chairs isn’t very common but using different colours, styles and sizes can create the perfect dining room interior design. IQ Furniture can provide the Chic dining chair by Tonon Italia, available in different colours. The wooden elements of this dining chair are made of American walnut with their rounded shape to give the chair its own character. An upholstered plywood and bent plywood shell for the seat are the perfect supporting elements.

Chic Designer Dining Chair

Chic Dining Chair By Tonon Italia

Integrating glass furniture into your interior design is great for maintaining a feeling of free space if your room is quite small. They also provide the perfect contemporary addition to any room. Glass furniture will most likely never go out of style, so it is definitely an investment that will last.

The Millennium dining tabletop available in matt lacquered wood, gloss lacquered glass, transparent glass or velvet matt anti-scratch lacquered glass. This dining table is also available in a rectangular version as well as an extendable rectangular or oval table design. The versatility of this dining table makes it ideal for all interior designs.

Luxury Millenium Dining Table

Millenium Dining Table by Bontempi Casa

You can also read the accompanying posts in this series Part 1 and Part 2 of our top tips for the perfect interior design.

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