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Interior Design - 26-October-2016

Top Tips for Planning Your Ideal Bedroom

From Beds to Lamps, Create the Bedroom of Your Dreams

Planning your new bedroom can be very exciting and it is more often than not a client’s priority to create the perfect bedroom space.
The first tip when planning your bedroom is to measure the available space so you can see what you have to work with. Once this area has been measured, you will then be able to think about what bedroom furniture you require to fill this space.

Although your bedroom will need to be dark at night to allow you to get a good night’s sleep, you should aim to make it a bright area during the day. Even if this room does not get a lot of natural light, you can still create a bright space by choosing the right colour scheme, lighting, and items of furniture.

There are four main items that are a necessity to any bedroom. These are the bed itself, a wardrobe, bedside table and bedside lamp. The bed is the most important item of furniture for the interior design.  You will need to think about as this is where you will be spending most of your time in this room. IQ Furniture can provide a wide range of beds in different styles and colours , allowing you to pick and choose the bed to best suit your room.

matisse dream bedroom

The second most important item of furniture for in your bedroom is the wardrobe. A top tip for deciding on your wardrobe is to think about what it is you need to store. IQ Furniture have their very own wardrobe studio where you are able to design your very own bespoke wardrobe. Knowing what it is you need to store will make this process easier as you will be able to include all the correct storage space.

Plana dream bedroom

Make sure that you have saved enough space next to your bed for a bedside table or two. Contemporary bedside tables are the perfect finishing touch to any bedroom. These tables are ideal for keeping an alarm clock, phone chargers or your jewellery for easy access each day.

Ciro Dream Bedroom

Beside Lamps are ideal items to add to your bedroom furniture collection as they can provide quick and easily accessible light in the night time. IQ Furniture can provide a range of table lamps to help you find the perfect match for the rest of your room.

mambo dream bedroom

Contact IQ Furniture to receive expert advice and extra top tips on ways to plan your perfect bedroom. Call us at 01494 772 880 or email us at


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