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Furniture - 18-November-2016

Traditional vs Contemporary Designer Lights

Which Style of Designer Lighting Best Suits Your Interior Design?

All home interior designs are completely different as we all have a different preference when it comes to home styles. When trying to categorise design types the first two that come to mind are a traditional or contemporary interior design and IQ Furniture can provide pieces, especially lighting, to suit all project design requirements.

When deciding on the lighting in your home, there are 4 different types of lighting that you may need to consider: pendant lights, floor lamps, wall lights and table lamps.

Depending on the room these lights will be in will depend on the importance, for example, pendant lights and floor lamps would be perfect for a living area. Wall lights may be best in the bedroom placed on each side of the bed to provide easy access to switch them on/off. Table lamps can be placed in any room in the house but these may be preferred in office spaces as they are perfect for providing light to a desk space.

If you are looking for the perfect contemporary pendant light to feature in your living area or dining room then Apollo may be a good choice. These lights are also perfect for placing above a side table in your porch like in the image shown below. This contemporary light includes a clear glass sphere set beneath another sphere that you can choose from clear, copper, bronze or chrome glass.


If you prefer a more traditional design then the Hublot pendant light may be the best choice. This circular ceiling light has a white interior complimented by a chrome, white or graphite varnished steel exterior finish. This suits a more traditional aesthetic as it includes a simply designed lamp shade.

Hublot pendant light

Although the Karibu floor lamp has a slight contemporary aesthetic , it also follows the more traditional style due to the circular lamp shade and simple base. This floor lamp is ideal for most interior designs as it is available with a matt white or black painted steel frame, white or black coloured cement base and a black or white lampshade. This floor lamp is ideal for a monochrome styled room and can be used for either a traditional lighting aesthetic or contemporary lighting design.


If you are looking for a more contemporary lighting option that will also provide a unique addition to any room then Sipario will work perfectly with your interior design . This floor lamp is available in a white polyethylene. This light design would be perfect in a relaxation room or even in the bedroom to provide the ideal amount of light into the room at night.

Sipario fllor lamp

Wall lights are a popular choice of lighting that can be placed in any room in the home to provide a great amount of light. Astra wall lights by IQ Furniture are a very good choice for a traditional aesthetic as they have a simple design with a bright white finish and minimalistic features, perfect for merging a slight contemporary aesthetic which is a very popular style at the moment. This light is also available as a ceiling or pendant ceiling light.

Astra wall light

If the interior design you are after is more contemporary, IQ Furniture can provide a range of wall lights with a contemporary design. The Venezia wall light is a stunning glass light with a chrome frame and dimmer switch, perfect for being used as mood lighting in the dining room or bedroom. The Venezia range also includes ceiling, floor and table lights if you enjoy the design but do not wish to install a wall light.

Venezia wall light

The final type of lighting available is table lamps, the most common choice used for desks in offices and possibly even bedrooms placed on the bedside table. The Mamba is one of our contemporary choices for a table lamp as it has a slim and sleek modern aesthetic. This lamp is available in either black or white polished polyurethane with a stainless steel base.


Pluto is our more traditional option as it is very plain and simple and has a similar style to the more common table lamps . This table lamp is available with a shiny stainless steel lamp shade and the choice of either a white polyurethane or black polyurethane base.


Browse through our other lighting products here . If you would like to see our lighting options in person then contact us to book your showroom visit by calling us on 01494 939 750 or emailing us at .


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